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The Waldo Metaverse ™


Waldo Characters and Fans will collaborate making quests, rewards, music and movies.

Here is a summary of our design for the Waldo Metaverse:

  1. Galaxies: The Waldo Metaverse will contain multiple galaxies, each with its own set of planets and celestial bodies. Players will be able to explore these galaxies and discover new worlds.
  2. Pigman Planet: The Pigman Planet will be a unique world in the Waldo Metaverse, inhabited by a race of intelligent pig-like creatures. When in situations such as battles it will be somewhat like the style of the Horde vs Alliance on World Of Warcraft. Players will be able to interact with the Pigmen and participate in quests, battles, and activities on their planet.
  3. Waldo Planet: The Waldo Planet will be the home planet of the Waldo Metaverse, and will be the hub for many of the game’s activities. Players will be able to purchase and trade continents, states, cities, land plots, and structures on the Waldo Planet, and build their own cities, industries, buildings, vehicles and spacecraft.
  4. Minerals and Resources: Players will be able to mine rare minerals and resources on various planets in the Waldo Metaverse. These resources will be used to build and upgrade cities, vehicles, tools, armor, weapons, spacecraft, and other structures.
  5. Quests and Treasures: The Waldo Metaverse will feature a variety of quests and challenges for players to complete. These may include puzzles, riddles, and other activities that require players to use their skills and knowledge. Players who complete these quests will be rewarded with in-game treasures and real-world rewards. Some of the quests will include real world treasure hunts, such as finding a clue in the Waldo Metaverse and then relating that clue to something in the real world where a treasure can be found. There will be real world rewards for certain quests in both the Metaverse and in the real world.
  6. Citizen Certificate: When a player joins the Waldo Metaverse, they will be awarded a “Citizen of Waldo Metaverse Certificate”. This certificate will serve as proof of their citizenship in the game and will allow them to participate in the various activities and events within the Waldo Metaverse. The Certificate will be awarded as an NFT and will also be available for purchase as a real world document. 

Overall, the Waldo Metaverse will be a vibrant and immersive virtual world where players can explore, build, and interact with other players from around the world, and it will interconnect with the real world. This will really be an adventure for everyone.

WOW tokens will permit users to access certain aspects of the Metaverse and game play.

“WOW” tokens will be available on PancakeSwap after a Liquidity Pool is established. Please contact us if you are interested.