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Waldo Book

Beyond The Walls: Adventures in the Galaxy

The world is coming to an end! Disasters are everywhere. Who is causing this? Could it be aliens from other worlds? Find out as Waldo and his small group of friends find unexpected danger and treasure!

Waldo is a funny little guy that lives on a wall. His mysterious uncle hand delivers a letter to him. The letter reveals that Waldo is really an alien, and that he has to go on a dangerous mission to save the world…and maybe the galaxy! 

A reluctant alien hero accepts a dangerous mission to save the world.

Front and back covers of the NEW WALDO ADVENTURES BOOK!
Waldo Books are being distributed to 40,000 retailers, including: Barnes & Noble, Amazon, Walmart, libraries, schools and many more.
Waldo Movie Project songs are available in the most popular digital stores around the world like:
Spotify, YouTube, Apple Music, iTunes, TikTok, Deezer, SoundCloud, Amazon Music, iHeartRADIO, and many more.
In fact, over 150 digital stores. Some of our songs reached top ten in the SoundCloud Repost Exchange music competition. 
See our Playlist at: Spotify, click here, enjoy!
The “Waldo Beyond the Walls…” book was recently bought by the Dubai National Library of Culture and Arts, to be included in their library.

—- Waldo Magically gets out of his black and white newspaper comic strip world, and enters the world of full color! —-

One of our greatest Waldo book fans was the first person to get the new book “WALDO BEYOND THE WALLS — ADVENTURES IN THE GALAXY”, and this is her comment:

“My book arrived at 6pm.  I just got through reading it from cover to cover.  I love the imagination, the science, history, humor, the animals,  metaphysical attractions of the gems and LOVE THE WORLD OF WALDO……Thoroughly enjoyed the book tremendously.  Awesome work of imagination….I was intrigued by the way Waldo traveled the world.  Unique and adventurous…Thank you for the smiles….HOPE, PEACE AND LOVE….I owned a cat by the name of SHADOW….



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Recently purchased by the Dubai National Library of Culture and Arts


Do you know about NFTs?

Waldo made unique NFTs for you to collect and enjoy.

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Waldo and the New Galaxy Heroes ready to fight to save the Galaxy
(Left to Right: Mr Eddy, Waldo, Ava, Birdhead, Shadow)

Waldo Movie -coming soon

Click the image below to watch the Movie trailer

Movie Project Pitch Deck:


You can listen to songs from the Waldo movie project by clicking the song images below:

SPOTIFY PLAYLIST. Click above image to listen to the songs on Spotify

“I Scream Softly in the Night” reached #2 on SoundCloud’s RepostExchange music competition.

Fans have suggested that It’s a great song for a Movie or TV show.

“Because of You” reached #4 on SoundCloud’s RepostExchange music competition.

Fans have suggested that this is also a great song for a Movie or TV show.


TOP 40

SHOOK RECORDS had five songs in the top 40 of SoundCloud March-April 2022

#2 Hip HopI Scream Softly in the Night” 

#4 Pop / RockI Scream Softly in the Night” 

#4 Pop / Rock “Because of You”

#5 Pop / RockI Know

#9 Pop / Rock “Shadow Cat”

#24 Pop / Rock “Circus Ticket”

#25 Pop / RockCoffee

#26 Hip HopBear on Fire

  • 320 million global listeners active on SoundCloud. 
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SoundCloud has grown to be one of the largest music streaming services in the world and is available in 190 countries and territories.

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Some comments from listeners:

Song: “I – Know

“think I might have just found my new favorite song aha”

“Love it. Love the beat and the lyrics. Perfect”

“So beautiful love it”

“nice track loving the energy on this”

“It’s very cool!!! Great job ??!!! Really rocks!!! Nice ??!”

“OMG this is unreal….your voice is one of an Angel so beautiful and effortless (fire fire fire) Yaaaaaaas baby…”

“Really beautiful record def would sound at home on like Disney soundtrack or something like that”

“This is so freakish beautiful pure heaven”

“omggg !! Your voice is so amazing, I loved this !”

“Great mix! Deep lyrical substance and content. Wonderful originality. #DopE”

(The song “I Know” was recently ranked #5 on SoundCloud Exchange.)

I KNOW, Waldo animated movie soundtrack song about Waldo discovering the Quest. Pop, Soul. Available on iTunes.

The song “Coffee” is about the character “Kofi” in my book and movie project. He’s a mysterious character from Ethiopia. He is wise and has a very positive happy attitude about life. This song will pick you up and keep you going, without caffeine. I wrote this to promote Ethiopia, Africa, and the power of positive thinking. I put in real Ethiopian / African drum beats, a catchy mix, and added two great voices. You will become addicted to this song. Click here to Listen on SoundCloud

Comments from listeners:

Full of character. A soothing breath of a groove!

This is a dope track, love the energy and atmosphere

What an ear candy

A well polished production. Well done man.

Fire production! Awesome track bro!

Well written and produced track, very creative work, superb vocals

Definitely something to keep listening to

Very cool sound design, nice melodies, the overall theme is dope.

An absolutely awesome track! Well arranged, and mixed!

This track really is addicting had it on replay

“Coffee” reached #35 on SoundCloud Pop R&B March – April 2022

CIRCUS TICKET is recently released. Click here to hear it on YouTube

SHADOW CAT song sung by Shadow the Cat, soundtrack for Waldo animated movie. Pop, Dance. Available on iTunes.
SHADOW CAT instrumental from Waldo animated movie soundtrack. Available on iTunes.
EDDY RAPS. Song by Mr. Eddy, the double PhD dog rapper and graduate from Harvard and Yale. Waldo’s assistant. Rap EDM. Available on iTunes.
Dwog’s song. Dwog is the evil assistant to “Hogg the Pigman”. EDM. Available on iTunes.

From the Waldo Beyond the Walls movie project. A song sung in one of the scenes with Ava of the Bubble Gum Wall, in San Luis Obispo California.

Available now on iTunes and other platforms. Click here for iTunes.

News from Bill Shook: My new book which is on Amazon now, and I’m now promoting it for a movie project. Should be fun and entertaining. Also made several songs for the characters. I distributed the songs on various platforms and was shocked the other day to see one of my songs reach #2 on their new Hip-Hop artist chart. Another of my songs reached #6 on the Pop chart. So people are really liking them. One person listened to one of the songs more than 20 times this week. They are getting great reviews from around the world. Again, they are songs either sung by or about some of the characters in my movie project. It’s a book that is for all ages. One person bought a book a week ago and has read it a few times already! They then bought many more of the books to give to her friends.

Here is a very inspirational email that I just got from someone that bought the book. She’s a physical therapist and has been playing the songs for herself and just shared the song with one of her elderly patients:

“I am elated to share this story with you.  Yesterday, I was at my 97 year old client’s home, giving her a massage…  I turned on my cell phone and had her listen to your songs:  “I Scream Softly In The Night”, “I Know”, “COFFEE,” and “Bear On Fire”.  She was impressed with every song she listened to and even tapped her hand on the bed and said “THESE SONGS MAKE ME HAPPY”. I was totally impressed. She wanted to know how she can listen to these songs without the cell phone. At 97 years old, I didn’t think she would take any interest in any songs of today, however, she was totally into it.  She made my day.”

There’s no one in the world quite like Waldo, a fellow who’s a bit off the wall even when he’s on it!

Join Waldo and his collection of friends, family members and rivals as they embark on adventures that will span the world, dive deep into history, consider the great beyond, and keep a smile on your face from wire to wire.

Strange events force Waldo off the Wall as he is contacted by his Uncle Viktor and handed a clue to a family secret that is truly out of this world!

As color fills his black-and-white world, Waldo goes on a quest to visit other great Walls around the world and unravel his own family’s origins. 

He’ll get a glimpse of other cultures and traditions in Europe, Asia, and North America and meet some cool cousins with the help of his favorite feline friend, Shadow. 

But look out for the Pigman! Waldo’s biggest rival will stop at nothing to uncover Waldo’s secrets and cause as much mischief as possible.

In the second part of his journey, there’s mischief afoot as the Pigman invades Uncle Viktor’s wall in search of buried treasure, touching off a race between Waldo and his loyal band of friends – Shadow, Birdhead, and Mr. Eddy vs. Pigman and his nasty sidekick Dwog. 

They’ll delve into some of the most pivotal moments in human history as they explore walls that made the world famous in Croatia, Zimbabwe, and Greece.

By the time Waldo finally gets back to the Wall, he’ll have learned not only where he comes from, but the Pigman’s origin as well, and realize that this isn’t the end of his story, but the beginning of an adventure spanning the entire galaxy! 

Originally a beloved comic strip during the 1980s, Waldo on the Wall has returned by popular demand to entertain a whole new generation of fans with his wacky humor, off-the-wall observations, and way-out adventures that entertain, educate, and delight readers of all ages.

Waldo with Ava, in the “Honesty Restaurant”, where you get to know everything that’s in the food, wether you want to know it or not!
Waldo and Friends, and Enemies

The Pigman and Dwog
Pigman’s Planet at War
The Pigman escaping city after destroying it
Waldo shooting Pigman UFO

Pepper Dog on TikTok A song for our movie project, where the villain alien dog sings about his boss Hogg the Pigman, and his hatred of cats

Magazine size books containing“Waldo Off The Wall”™ comics from old newspapers in the 1980’s.


These two books below are about “Waldo Off The Wall”. They are collector editions, compilations of the popular “Waldo Off The Wall” newspaper comic strips from the 1980’s.

Waldo Off The Wall Humor video intro, based on old Waldo Off The Wall™ comic strips in newspapers
Collectors item: copies of the original comic strips published in US newspapers in the 1980’s

That's Life Waldo's satirical humor
Collectors item: copies of the original comic strips published in US newspapers in the 1980’s

Buy “THAT’S LIFE, Waldo’s Satirical Humor gets him in trouble … AGAIN!


Charles Simmons 5.0 out of 5 starsA book to take your mind to a lighter place. Reviewed in the United States on July 9, 2021 Verified Purchase. During this time of covid and much uncertainty, so What Waldo? Waldo’s Off The Wall has come at an opportune time. I recommend this book for those who want to let their mind go to a lighter place.

Clark Johnson 5.0 out of 5 stars. Waldo the Seer. Reviewed in the United States on July 11, 2021 Verified Purchase. Humor always beams perspective on other things — letting us think again about what we do everyday. Bill Shook’s comics from the 1980s, some of them collected here, merit another distribution!

poohbear 5.0 out of 5 stars.  Great Book!!! Reviewed in the United States on June 21, 2021 Verified Purchase. Illustrates Waldo’s everyday life situations. This book is will worth a good read. Can relate to WALDO’S everyday life issues. He is a cute character. Bill Shook did a very job with his illustration and Waldo’s OFF THE WALL HUMOR!!

You can get “WALDO’S OFF THE WALL HUMOR“, eBook or Comic Book, on Amazon. It’s a great Coffee-Table book or gift. Share a little humor.

BILL SHOOK Waldo Off The Wall

The Waldo Wall series is a satire about everyday life. Waldo is often tactless or insensitive and gets in trouble by his “Off The Wall” comments.

Waldo Off The Wall™ is based on the black and white newspaper comics of the 1980’s. Some recent Waldo comic strips have been added. Waldo’s situations are based mostly on society and culture, world events, and mankind’s existential dilemma. Key topics of conversation around his life on the wall are: friendship; the concepts of space and time; Waldo’s surprise at some of the things people say in social settings; finding beauty in ordinary things; Waldo being rude or getting frustrated at stupid questions; Waldo loves to tell you how upset he gets by human intervention or anything that interrupts his peaceful time on the wall.

Waldo’s family consists of characters such as “Benson of the Berlin Wall”, “Mr Lee of The Great Wall”, “Fred The Flasher”, “Way Out Willie”, “Paul of Pacoima”, “Haime of The Wailing Wall”. Waldo has some animal friends, such as “Birdhead aka Sleepyhead”, who he’s always arguing with. He likes to introduce his relatives and friends.

WALDO will issue his own crypto utility token for voting in the Waldo Adventures. With a WALDO token you will be able to vote on the kinds of adventures that you’d like to see WALDO in. You will also be able to use WALDO tokens inside the WALDO WALL WORLD. WALDO “WOW” tokens will soon be available on PancakeSwap.

BILL SHOOK is the creator of the “Waldo Off The Wall” characters. BILL is a famous jewelry designer and artist from Beverly Hills. His designs have been bought by many celebrities. He started doing cartoons in the 1980’s and was published in newspapers. His “Waldo Off the Wall” characters have become very popular.

BILL SHOOK has continued development of new characters and stories, such as upcoming characters named “Everyman ™”, “Birdhead ™”, “Shadow™”, and “Marvin The Monster Muncher ™” © BILL SHOOK 2021, 1984 all rights reserved.


Waldo Wall YouTube Channel

Bill Shook started his career as an artist by designing jewelry for his father in Beverly Hills California at the age of eleven. His father was a designer at Ruser’s Jewelers and Van Cleef & Arpels jewelers in Beverly Hills. By the age of 21 Bill opened his own factory in Beverly Hills and designed for most of the famous jewelry companies in America. Some of his designs can still be seen in stores such as Kay’s, Daniels, WalMart, Zales, JC Penney, and hundreds of others with both retail and online stores.

His art has influenced the fashion industry for more than forty years.

Click here to see more about Bill Borden Shook art and Jewelry design website