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All stories and images are copyrighted © and registered with the US Patent and Trademark Office, and they are based on the original characters and stories by Bill Shook

Walldo started off as a happy guy who lived in a black-and-white world of comic strips. He just liked hanging out on his local wall, and watching the world walk by.

Suddenly, his uncle from Russia showed up and gave him a mysterious letter, that changed his life forever!

Later, he became the reluctant leader of a wacky group of defenders of the Galaxy!

Now you can play the new version of The Haunted Galaxy, available on the GPT Marketplace. The Haunted Galaxy is based on stories and characters from “Beyond the Walls: Adventures in the Galaxy”.

Here is an example of gameplay:

You can choose to either start the game by searching for treasure, which will help you fight the armies, and find a secret way out of the Haunted Galaxy. Or, you can choose to play one of the main characters.

You have the option to choose between several characters, each with their own unique abilities and weapons. Please choose your character:

  1. Walldo: The team leader with a Cosmic Ray Gun, a funny sense of humor, and a recent discovery of his alien heritage.
  2. Shadow Cat: A beautiful cat woman ninja warrior with the Super Scratch ability.
  3. Ava: A brave, tall, athletic Amazon Space Ninja warrior with a Star Staff as her weapon.
  4. Birdhead: A rare bird with the ability to change size and speak thousands of languages. His weapon is the Super Peck.

Who will you choose to embark on this quest to find treasures and protect the galaxy from the Pigman army?

My answer: #3

As Ava, you stand on the brink of an alien forest filled with mysteries and dangers. The path before you leads deeper into the unknown, guided by a mysterious light in the distance.

What will you do next?

  1. Follow the path towards the mysterious light.
  2. Explore the area for hidden treasures or items.
  3. Prepare for potential threats and set up a defensive position.

My answer: #2

As you explore the alien forest, your attention is drawn to a shimmering object hidden beneath a cluster of glowing fungi. Upon closer inspection, you discover an Ancient Alien Artifact, pulsing with a mysterious energy.

You have found an Ancient Alien Artifact! This item has the power to enhance your Star Staff, increasing its damage output against the Pigman army.

What would you like to do next?

  1. Use the Ancient Alien Artifact to upgrade your Star Staff.
  2. Continue exploring the forest for more treasures.
  3. Head towards the mysterious light you saw earlier.

… … (further on in the story):

You take a moment to study the holographic map one more time, paying close attention to every detail. The map shows a clear path westward, with notable landmarks such as the Crystal Falls, which you must pass before reaching the Caverns of Echoes. You also notice smaller paths branching off the main route, which could serve as shortcuts or lead to resources that might aid your journey. However, these paths could also hold unforeseen dangers.

By memorizing the landmarks and considering potential dangers, you feel more confident about navigating the terrain ahead. The knowledge of where you’re headed and what to expect provides a strategic advantage, allowing you to plan your moves carefully and avoid unnecessary risks.

With a final look at the surroundings of the Whispering Willows, you:

  1. Begin your journey towards the west, heading for the Crystal Falls, with the map’s guidance fresh in your mind.
  2. Take a short rest, using this time to mentally prepare for the journey ahead.
  3. Check your surroundings for any useful items or hidden paths that might not have been marked on the map, just in case.

My answer: #1

Ava approaching Crystal Falls after her weapon has been upgraded

Later in the game:

In the hidden alcove, you find a rare crystal artifact resting on a natural pedestal, its glow inviting yet mysterious. This artifact pulses with an ancient power, similar to the energy of the stone from the Whispering Willows but unique in its properties.

You have discovered a Crystal of Insight. This artifact offers the ability to see through illusions and reveals hidden paths or truths that might otherwise remain obscured. It’s a powerful tool that could be invaluable in navigating the challenges ahead, especially in a galaxy filled with ancient secrets and deceptive enemies.

What will you do next?

Here are more Images from gameplay using characters: Walldo, Ava, Shadow Cat, Birdhead

Welcome, brave adventurer, to “Play our AI game: Adventures in the Galaxy“! 

Choose your path: “Play Game” to join the team. Immerse yourself in role-playing or engage in thrilling multiple-choice quests and battles. 

The choice is yours, and the power is in your hands. 

Let the adventure begin!

Let’s Play!

Create your own unique adventure.

Buy the Book here

An entertaining Fantasy Adventure Graphic Novel. The book is an entertaining Fantasy Adventure Graphic Novel filled with wacky characters and far-out adventures. It’s meant for adults, though kids have enjoyed it too, offering a fun and short escape into a whimsical fantasy world.

The main character, Waldo (aka Walldo), an alien hero, embarks on a mission to save the world from disaster and invasion. Accompanied by his eclectic crew, he journeys beyond the galaxy, uncovers family secrets, finds treasures, and encounters mysterious aliens.

The narrative is purely fictional and not intended to teach history, science, or archaeology. It’s an enjoyable read designed to entertain and potentially bring a smile to the reader’s face.


MUSIC. “I am not alone” is in the Grammys this year! Yay!

CLOTHES can be ordered by request

MOVIE concept

BILL SHOOK Waldo Off The Wall

Bill Shook recently brought the “WALDO BEYOND THE WALLS — ADVENTURES IN THE GALAXY” story to life in a colorful graphic novel, with beautiful full-spread images.

This Fantasy Adventure about the reluctant hero Waldo is the creation of BILL SHOOK. The story weaves a unique blend of culture, humor, history, science, and fantasy. The book is intended for all ages, and most readers are adults, but ages range from 12 – 75.

There’s no one in the world quite like Waldo, a fellow who’s a bit off the wall even when he’s on it! Join Waldo and his collection of friends, as they embark on adventures that will span the world, dive deep into history, consider the great beyond, and keep a smile on your face from beginning to end. Strange events force Waldo off the Wall as he is contacted by his Uncle Viktor and handed a clue to a family secret that is truly out of this world!

They will get a glimpse of other cultures and traditions in Europe, Asia, and North America and discover magical treasures. They’ll delve into some of the most pivotal moments in human history as they explore world famous walls in Croatia, China, Zimbabwe, and Greece and find secrets that those walls have kept for centuries. They will face threats by aliens that are determined to take control of the Earth and the galaxy. They will become surrounded by unimaginable dangers and be drawn into inter-galactic wars. By the time Waldo finally gets back to his Wall, he’ll have learned not only where he comes from and realize that this isn’t the end of his story; it’s also the beginning of an adventure spanning the entire galaxy!

Contact BILL SHOOK for information regarding Waldo books, music, and licensing.

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