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An entertaining Fantasy Adventure Graphic Novel.

Join the alien hero, Waldo, on a mission to save the world from disaster and invasion! With his eclectic crew, he’ll journey beyond the galaxy, uncover family secrets, find treasures, and encounter mysterious aliens. Can they save the world and the galaxy? Find out in “Waldo Beyond the Walls – Adventures in the Galaxy”! Get your copy now and join the adventure!

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BILL SHOOK Waldo Off The Wall

Bill Shook recently brought the “WALDO BEYOND THE WALLS — ADVENTURES IN THE GALAXY” story to life in a colorful graphic novel, with beautiful full-spread images.

This Fantasy Adventure about the reluctant hero Waldo, is the creation of author, artist, and designer BILL SHOOK. The story weaves a unique blend of culture, humor, history, science and fantasy.

There’s no one in the world quite like Waldo, a fellow who’s a bit off the wall even when he’s on it! Join Waldo and his collection of friends, as they embark on adventures that will span the world, dive deep into history, consider the great beyond, and keep a smile on your face from beginning to end. Strange events force Waldo off the Wall as he is contacted by his Uncle Viktor and handed a clue to a family secret that is truly out of this world!

They will get a glimpse of other cultures and traditions in Europe, Asia, and North America, and discover magical treasures. They’ll delve into some of the most pivotal moments in human history as they explore world famous walls in Croatia, China, Zimbabwe, and Greece, and find secrets that those walls have kept for centuries. They will face threats by aliens that are determined to take control of the Earth and of the galaxy. They will become surrounded by unimaginable dangers and be drawn into inter-galactic wars. By the time Waldo finally gets back to his Wall, he’ll have learned not only where he comes from, and realize that this isn’t the end of his story, but it’s also the beginning of an adventure spanning the entire galaxy!

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