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Song ideas for the Waldo Wall animated movie project Available on Apple Music, iTunes, Spotify, SoundCloud, Amazon, and many more. Also available on CD

Here is an example of our newest song, “I am not alone”. We are pleased to announce that “I am not alone” is in the Grammys voting.

“Awesome pop tune. So delicate and expressive. Great voice and cool piano parts.”

“This is so sweet and smooth it reminds me of Southern love scene.”

“It’s very tranquil at the beginning of the song, and afterwards sounds incredible and very fantastic. The singer has a lot of natural talent. The lyrics express profound sentiments.”

“Genius production.”

“Nice song, your voice is insane man!”

“Amazing production, great beat and amazing vocals.”

A song from a scene in Africa where Waldo and his team view the vast and beautiful landscape in Africa.

Listen to this uplifting, fun song on YouTube:

“I scream softly in the night”, song written and produced by Bill Borden Shook, feat: Jonie See on YouTube